Issue Solved…YAY

I don’t know why I NEVER thought of this long ago. One of this guys habits is LICKING!!! No matter what we do to him, it didn’t matter to him. Most nights, I can even hear him licking away, or should I say, SNORTING away while licking his paws in my sleep. Then I am up for a couple of hours before I can go back to sleep.


I saw how pet owners made their cones for their pets after they had surgery. They made them out of cardboard. I knew this would not work. I decided to purchase a plastic one at the Vet to use as a pattern. I used a camouflage medium weight. This is what it looks like.

I needed to make the collar sturdy. So I used what I had on hand. It is the Soft and Stable foam. I sprayed the foam and fabric with some basting spray just so they don’t shift while I am sewing.

Then I used bias tape as loops. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of it. Then I looped his dog collar through the loops.

This is what he looks like. We are so happy now that we think he likes it too.


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