Sewing Machines … Small Talk

Over the years, Pfaff machines have been my all-time favorite. What sold me on Pfaff was the IDT (Integrated Dual Transportation). I fell in love with the Pfaff Performance 2058. To this day, selling that machine was a big regret. It was very user-friendly. The reason I got rid of 2058, the throat space. It was just small. I decided to look into Creative Vision 5.0. From the very first day of trying my new sewing machine, I had nothing but problems — thread breakage, error messages, on and on. After arguing with the dealer and manufacturer, I decided it was time to look at other brands of sewing machines. Pfaff machines were just not made good anymore.

I decided to look into Bernina sewing machines. I knew they were at the top of the line machines, so it meant pricey. I decided to get a second-hand on eBay. I purchased an Artista 200. It was a great machine. I love the ease of how it ran and more so in the stitch quality. WOW! I was thrilled with my decision. For the next few years, I bought an Artista 730 and an Artista 820. Both great machines. Kept the Artista 200 for a spare and when also when I go to classes and on retreats. I was in heaven!

Then we moved to Hawaii. All hell started. all three of my Berninas died! DIED! First, it was the Artista 730. Turn the power on, nothing! So I took it into the repair shop, and when he opened up the sewing machine, the motherboard showed signs of rust! I was mortified, to say the least! I could have gotten a new motherboard. However, it would have cost me $680.00 for the motherboard and shipping. What was sickening was the motherboard cost would be $175.00 and the rest was for shipping. I then had to say goodbye. She was a good machine. I went home to set up the Artista 820. Thinking everything will be okay. Well, the same thing happens. It was gut-wrenching, I knew then, this is not good. Now for the Artista 200. Set it up, turned the power on, NOTHING HAPPEN! I just sat and cried! My husband came in to check in on me and saw me crying. When I told him about the machines, the look on his face, I knew he was sick to his stomach because he knew I would need a new sewing machine. Well, I started looking and deciding on what sewing machine should I get. I drove back to town and talked to the repairman and asked for his suggestion. He told me to buy a simple machine with no motherboards! He explained that the humidity on the Big Island is extremely high for any type of machine with motherboards. He suggested the Brother PQ1500. He did give me one piece of advice and that is to keep the sewing machine turned on for a few days when I am not sewing. The reason being, the sewing machine will be warm, and no moisture will get in the guts of the sewing machine. Meet “Bro.” He is loud and fast. Something I have to get used too.

Since moving to Hawaii, its been so challenging to say the least. One of the worst for me was my sewing machines. I hope none of you ever go through what I went through.

Simple Machines…

After loosing my beloved sewing machines, I decided to go simple machines with no motherboards and all the bells and whistles.

I found on eBay a Brother PQ1500SL. It was secondhand. However, when I received the machine, I was surprised at how clean the machine looked inside and out! I decided to take the machine in for service. According to the repairman, it was virtually brand new. So for $300.00, I got a really good deal. The listing only had the extension table, cord, foot pedal, and one pressure foot. I figured I can get the other missing pieces.

After purchasing the Brother sewing machine, my husband asked if I could sew some covers for him. The fabric was a really thick vinyl. I had the most difficult time sewing through the thick layers. So after a few hours of fighting with the machine and fabric, I bought another machine that I knew will work.

Juki TL-2010Q

I am so very happy with my purchase. It is much more quiet, love the stitches, and more importantly, how easy to sew through the thick vinyl.

As you can see in the photo, I really wanted to dress her up. I purchased the decals from Urban Elementz, click here.

I asked my husband to make me a long table with a insert cut our for both the Brother and Juki sewing machines. I will post a picture of the table soon.

I am so very happy now with the sewing machines I purchase.

Have Sewing!

Friends Across the World

I have been collecting blocks from quilters, sewers around the world since 2009. I quit counting after 200.

Last month (November), I decided to put them together but didn’t know how to put them all together. An idea came up with I saw “Cathedral Window” quilt.

I gathered all the blocks and cut them down to 5″ squares.

I decided to use black for the background. So I have used 15 yards. Since the center block is a 5″ square, I needed to cut the background fabric, 16″. This is what I have done so far.

I will post again on the progress of this gigantic quilt.